About the Narren

Since 1989 the Narren have been providing fun and good humor



Inspiration to form The Narren of New Ulm came from a chance encounter with a narren group from Germany who appeared at New Ulm’s Heritagefest in 1988.

Taking advantage of an opportunity to purchase two masks from Germany,
​the seed was planted to start ​The Narren of New Ulm.

What started out as two masked characters making their first appearance at Heritagefest in 1989….

….has become a group of over 30 masked characters and more masks are in the process of being added to the group.

All the masks are hand carved wood. Some carved by master wood carvers from Germany, ​some carved by master wood carvers in the U.S. A few have been  carved by hobby carvers with the skill of the masters.

Members design the costumes to compliment the mask and the character represented.

The Narren of New Ulm, are often described as “the relatives everyone has but nobody wants to claim,” They are a composite of people who give life and color to communities throughout the world. Their hometown is the village of Ganse-Stadt which is located along the river just below the rolling hills on the edge of the prairie.  
However, they find that conducting business from the city of New Ulm is more efficient. 
Nonetheless, each character has a story,* which makes them a legal resident of Ganse-Stadt giving them the privilege to participate in Ganse-Stadt activities. 
*To see their stories, go to: Ganse-Stadt City Directory, click on a resident for a story. 
Ganse-Stadt activities include (but not limited to) teaching and promoting the German culture and traditions through stories and music.
Their favorite activity is when they can provide fun and Gemuetlichkeit at festivals and events.

Narren in the Community

Join The Narren of New Ulm!

As an organization, The Narren of New Ulm hold monthly meetings presided over by elected officers.  Membership is open to persons at least 18 years of age. Persons under 18 can join, however, limitations apply as per club guidelines. 

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