Elsie Schultzenheim

A daily newspaper in Ganse-Stadt is not necessary.
News travels so fast in Ganse-Stadt that by the time a paper is printed, everybody already knows, so nobody buys.

Spreading the word comes easy for Elsie Schultzenheim, whose main contribution to Ganse-Stadt is to find as much dirt as possible and dispose of it properly.
Elsie, as everybody knows her, is the housekeeper at the hotel on the main street in Ganse-Stadt.
Nothing is secret in the hotel or Ganse-Stadt when Elsie is around.
She has a key for every room in the hotel and some rooms not in the hotel too.

If she hears a noise in a room, Elsie will listen carefully, amplifying the sound with her “ear glass,” making sure she clearly hears everything.
A quiet room means no one is in and it is safe to clean the room.
Oops, not always.

From the upper story of the hotel, Elsie can look out and see what is going on all over Ganse-Stadt.
Of course, she can’t wait to share whatever she sees or finds out with whoever will listen.

This frequently occurs at the local Gathering Place nearby.
Most days she is not very busy, but several times during the year,
the neighbor across the street, who has a unique way of cleaning,
will do some serious house cleaning.
As a result, all the dust from his house ends up in the hotel.
Elsie grumbles about the extra work,
still she welcomes the opportunity to check every room for dirt.

Because of Elsie’s dedication to the extra circular activities,
​ the keyword on the street is:

People of Ganse-Stadt watch out, when Elsie is about!!

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