Since Sophia came to town, the residents of
have been kept in stitches…stitches as in sewing, not laughing.

Her specialty is repurposing cast-offs.
​Old tattered clothes are patched and repaired to look just like new,
that is new by Ganse-Stadt standards.

Buttons are never missing, they may not match, but at least they are not missing.
Worn, torn places are covered with bows, pockets, or patches.
The men folk prefer the patches or pockets,
depending on where the worn, torn is.

If the cast-offs cannot be made wearable anymore,
usually after three or four recycles,
Sophia cuts them into squares and makes quilts or blankets
to keep everybody warm during the cold winter nights or
to lay on in the warm summer sun.

She likes to bring her work along to the Gathering Place and
work while she visits with the patrons often
providing them with minor repairs on the spot.
Over the years the patrons have learned to
check their chairs several times before they
sit down when she has been around.

Sophia has a habit of losing pins and needles while she works.
Nobody wants to find them the hard way.

One time she had a big altering job to do.
Two longtime residents of Ganse-Stadt, came to her
with a pile of clothes that needed altering big time.
There were pants that needed the legs adjusted to the same length,
shirts that needed the sleeve lengths matched and
buttons resewn in the right place,
jacket pockets had to be opened and short neckties needed redesigning. 

Sophia did not ask any questions about what happened to the items.
She just set to work repairing the damage as best she could.
She did not pay any attention to comments from
some residents about how some items look like things they once had.

Sophia’s favorite time of year is the winter holidays.
She is able to get rid of all of the leftover scraps by
making gifts for everyone in Ganse-Stadt whether they want them or not.
They accept the gift graciously, thinking it’s not just the gift,
it’s the thought that counts, and
​ it’s something that can be given to someone else next year.

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