Tanta Anna

 Tanta Anna owns the Gathering Place in Ganse–Stadt, where all the locals meet to enjoy their favorite beverages and catch up on the latest news.
Since it is near the railroad depot,
it is usually the first place visitors stop when they come to town, as well as
the last place when leaving town.
So Anna usually knows all the coming and going
in Ganse-Stadt.
Tanta Anna, her friends just call her Anna,
has been in Ganse-Stadt for as long as anybody can remember.
Nobody really knows where she came from.
Anna says she inherited the Gathering Place from her ancestors.
Local gossip says she won it in
a game of poker from a sausage maker who has long since left town.
She is an interesting character.
Anna always wears a green dress and a hat with red feathers.
She attributes her outstanding looks to
a daily “mask routine” of swine grease and
finely ground wheat flour from the local mill,
for a moisturizer,
Anna recommends at least a pint of
daily brewed beverage from her establishment.
Nevertheless, everyone, or almost everyone in Ganse-Stadt,
enjoy getting together at Anna’s, known as the Gathering Place.
It is where Ganse Stadt residents can
enjoy a freshly brewed beverage or two,
a chance to catch up on the latest news in town,
​and maybe kick up their heels to some music played by local musicians.

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