*Former resident of Ganse Stadt

People come and go in Ganse-Stadt, others stay forever.
One who came, but only stayed for a short while was Tootsie.
 Not much is known about her, she sort of kept to herself and never
really had a chance to get acquainted in Ganse-Stadt. 
Tootsie liked to walk along the river searching for oyster
shells to make buttons and jewelry.
She often stopped for a short chat with anyone she
happened to meet along the way,
but rarely stopped at the Gathering place.
One day Tootsie packed her bags, telling her neighbor who
 lives at the last place on a dead-end road,
 that she had to care for a forgetful aunt in another village. 
The aunt had a problem remembering things. 
Tootsie didn’t say who the aunt was, where she lived or
 if she planned to come back.
Tootsie got on the train with her bags and never returned to Ganse-Stadt. 
She did send a message once for Cappy, the riverboat captain,
but he too had left town and nobody knew where to find him. 
The message had no return address and is still in a mailbox at the hotel.
Perhaps someday it will be claimed.

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