Agatha Applegate

On the road going out of Ganse-Stadt, just past where Agatha lives,
is a forgotten and neglected apple orchard that seems to have been there forever, possibly started by Johnny Appleseed.
People don’t go there. The fence around the orchard has long disappeared,
but the gate, known as “apple gate” across the road remains, blocking
the way into the orchard. Also, there is a rumor that some Old Schlau
hides in the orchard and throws bad apples at anyone he doesn’t want there.
Agatha, who was known as “Agatha by the Applegate” and
eventually shortened to “Aggie Applegate,” lives by the orchard.
Her yard is right next to the orchard, and the apple gate does not block her way.
She fearlessly walks across her lawn, into the
orchard to get apples whenever she needs some.
Aggie senses the Old Schlau around, but never really sees him.
When Aggie is near a tree with good apples, suddenly one by one the apples
fall gently into her basket.
But when she is by the big old knarled tree in the middle of the orchard,
the apples stop falling.
Aggie thinks this might be where the Old Schlau hangs around,
so she takes her basket of apples and heads for home.
Back in her kitchen, Aggie uses the apples from the
orchard to make her favorite apple dishes,
like apple sauce, apple pie, apple cake, apple strudel, apple cider, and more apple dishes.
Whenever there is an event in Ganse-Stadt, one thing is for sure,
if something is made with apples, Aggie made it.
But before she brings her “apple wares” into town,
Aggie always leaves some samples on the edge of the
orchard just in case the Old Schlau might be around
Word on the street is if the samples are good,
the Old Schlau comes to town hoping to find more or
perhaps it’s because Aggie might be the
“Apple of his Eye.”

Agatha Applegate
The Apple Lady

The apple of our eye
She makes the sweetest
Her cider is a treat
To everyone on the

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