In most villages, everybody knows everybody else,
secrets do not exist, at least not for long, and
Ganse-Stadt is no exception.
But there is one person in Ganse-Stadt who is almost a secret,
because very little is known about her.
Willimina is her name, socializing is not her game,
at least not in Ganse-Stadt.
There was a time when she seemed to be sort of
friendly with the sausage man but that ended suddenly when he left town.

On the end of a seldom-traveled dead-end street is her house,
which is completely surrounded by a very high fence.
No one knows where the gate is because the fence looks the same all the way around.
She knows, but won’t tell.

Few who have ventured to that part of Ganse-Stadt,
have heard her talking to someone behind the fence,
but as soon as she senses someone close by, she stops talking. 

No one except Willimina has ever been seen coming or going from her house. 
She no longer stops by the Gathering Place to chat, and enjoy a favorite beverage.
Willimina rarely if ever comes to any event in Ganse-Stadt and
almost never talks to anyone.

The few times she does step out into the world,
she wears a very bright multicolored outfit that gently flutters in the breeze.
One time, when she came out,
an unexpected gust of wind and dust came roaring down the street
which sent her rolling, like a colorful beach ball.
She got caught in some bushes in a flower garden.
Lucky for her, a little further down was a goat, ready
to send her back up the street.
Somebody helped her regain her composure,
she thanked them and continued on her way as if nothing happened.
After that incident, it was a long time before anybody saw her again.

Whenever Wilimina is the topic of discussion in Ganse-Stadt,
without exception, it is about her smile.
Some see it as a pleasant gentle smile,
others see it as she is up to something or
knows something about someone. 

Whichever it is, Willimina won’t tell.

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