Changes in Ganse-Stadt come slow, if at all.
Sudden changes never happen, nobody knows how to make them.
But one day a sudden change almost happened.
Wilhelm, the Burgermeister unexpectedly left town for bigger and better things.
Discussions that day at the Gathering Place were about why Wilhelm left.
What could be bigger and better than Burgermeister of Ganse-Stadt? What’s going to happen to Ganse-Stadt?
No one ever faced this crisis before. No one had the answers.
Eventually, the discussion moved on to the dreaded topic of
who could be the new Burgermeister.
Who could lead Ganse-Stadt like Wilhelm did?
Who knows the Burgermeister’s daily routine?
The fur trader, no, seldom around, needs “special attention” when he is;
the musician, no, he’s not in tune with everything;
the housekeeper, no she’s too busy getting the dirt out;
and so it went, one after another, each possible
new Burgermeister was rejected for some valid reason.
The patrons in the Gathering Place were about to give up,
when Hap, a close friend of Wilhelm, walked in.
Suddenly, faces lit up, aha! eureka! that’s it, we found a new Burgermeister, Hap!
It was obvious, Hap was meant to be the new Burgermeister.
He already had some shiny medals around his neck from Wilhelm.
He had spent countless hours with Wilhelm, so he knew the daily establishment routine in Ganse-Stadt.
Hap had heard Wilhelm’s speeches so often at events,
he didn’t have to write any new ones.
Besides, if Wilhelm came back, everything would be the same as when he left.
He would have no problem being Burgermeister again.
It was as though Wilhelm, true to tradition, had handpicked Hap as his successor.
Hap was a little hesitant at first, but after thinking it over with a few
beverages at the Gathering place,
he decided being Burgermeister of Ganse-Stadt was
an opportunity he could not pass up.
So once again Ganse-Stadt residents could settle back into their daily routine, confident they had chosen the right Burgermeister for their fair city.
Hap had no problem assuming the duties of
​ Ganse-Stadt Burgermeister.
After all, he learned all the skills of
from a master Burgermeister,

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