Bucky Bock

Like many villages, part of the population count in Ganse-Stadt includes some animals that seem to be owned by no one, but loved and cared for by all.
One of those animals is Bucky Bock, the goat, who made his debut in Ganse-Stadt through a series of unfortunate incidents.
Bucky wandered into Ganse-Stadt one day looking for his
Kuh friend from the country side.
Everything in town was new and strange to Bucky so he took a little
time to satisfy his curious nature.
He stopped by a garden to smell some flowers.
When he put his head down to get closer,
he heard screeching and yelling.
Lifting his head to see what all the noise was all about,
he saw a ball of arms,legs, and colorful flowers, flying through the air.
Bucky’s instinct told him that must be the owner of the flower garden,
oops! Time for Bucky to move on.
Quickly Bucky backed out of the garden. Just as he was ready to move forward,
he heard a thud and some loud squawking.
Turning around, he saw a lady covered with feathers, lying on the ground, surrounded by a flock of noisy geese.
Oops again!
Frightened, Bucky moved on down the street, still looking for his kuh friend and stopping now and then to investigate something that appeared interesting to him.
At the bakeri, a lady came out waving her apron at him.
Flour shaken from the apron got in his eyes and made Bucky sneeze, he moved on.
At the sausage shop, a man shouted and waved a big shiny cleaver at him.
But when Bucky put his head down as if to say he was sorry,
the man ran inside the shop and locked the door.
Next, Bucky looked in the window of a place where everyone was gathered around a table singing and having fun.
In the middle of the table was huge barrel lying on its side.
This made Bucky curious; he wanted to check this out.
Just as Bucky put his head down to make a humble entrance; there was aloud thud,
​ louder than the one with the lady and the geese.
The barrel had fallen off the table and was rolling towards Bucky in the doorway.
Bucky, his head down did not see it coming. As he raised his head to see
where the loud thud came from, there was another thud, and the barrel went rolling back to the table where it came from.
Everyone in the place started cheering.
​Bucky, now with a slight head ache, saved the beverage barrel from rolling out the door and down the street.
He was a hero and standing there beside him cheering the loudest, was his Kuh friend.

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