Amelia, Greta, and Swanhilda

Greta, Amelia, and Swanhilda are schwestern that live outside of Ganse Stadt in a small house on a crook in the river.
Growing up as children, they would watch the riverboat captains as they worked to navigate the rough patch of the river by their house.
On occasion, the riverboat would lose a box, bag, crate, or other items into the river.
Swanhilda quickly learned to swim and recover these valuable items.
Greta and Amelia would be cheering loudly from shore “schwim, schwim Swanhilda.
Their family operated one of the small breweries in town.
Greta, Amelia and Swanhilda are not traditional braumeisterin.
They are always changing the recipes and adding new ingredients they find along the river or barter for new ingredients in town from all the valuable treasures retrieved from the lost riverboat cargo.
Each schwester had a specific talent to help make the brewery a success.
Swanhilda was the best and fastest swimmer to retrieve the floating cargo.
Greta was the social butterfly who did the trading of the treasures for interesting ingredients for the next brews and had the challenging task of selling the interesting brews.
Amelia loved her long walks along the river gathering roots, fruits, and native plants and concocting new recipes.
As we know, schwestern do not always get along and these ladies are no exception.
Ganse Stadt is not an ordinary town.
Everyone knows the status of the sister’s relationship when Elsie spreads the latest news around town and at the Gathering Place.
In normal circumstances the whole town is not affected by the news and the ladies keep on making their special brews.
The bier is usually made with fresh water, hops, grain, and yeast, BUT these schwestern will add extra flavors depending on their moods.
Occasions of happiness of course chocolate is added into the brew.
When the mood is feisty, you will certainly get an extra kick because some really hot peppers are added to fire it up.
Sometimes sausage sticks, a piece of celery, tomato juice, and of course one of the Pickleman’s tasty pickles are added for a “Breakfast of Champions Drink.”
The most relaxing brews are made from the fruit from the area orchards.
Once oysters were added, which are abundant along the river; you could say it tasted kind of fishy.
To get on good terms with the Ganse Stadt Polizei after a wild night of fun, a donut-flavored bier was just the right brew for the town peacekeeper.
These schwestern will keep you on your toes with their rare brews, because frankly you never know what you are going to get when the keg is tapped.
It is best not to think about where the ingredients came from or smell the aroma, but rather just focus on the SOMETIMES smooth taste.
Greta, Amelia, and Swanhilda have smoothly blended into Ganse Stadt with their unorthodox brews, strange river retrieval game, and their love of dancing and having a good time.
The 3 Jolly Brewers continue to operate their family’s small business, “Drie Schwesterbrauen.

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