The Broom Maker

Bertram the Broom Maker
He has wandered far and wide with a magic broom by his side.
His long lost love has never been found, yet he continues to search around.

Bertram grew up near Ganse-Stadt on a small farm, surrounded by a forest of ash, hazelnut, chestnut and other trees.
Often when he walked through the forest, Bertram would use a branch from a tree to clear a pathway of leaves and other stuff in the way.
He soon realized that if he tied several branches together,
he could clear a bigger path much faster.
It did not take long for word to reach Ganse-Stadt about
the new invention he called “Bertram’s Besen” or “Bertram’s Broom.”
Everyone wanted to try it because they heard
it could really do a clean sweep of everything.
Before long, Bertram had his own shop in Ganse-Stadt, selling
these special brooms to the villagers.
One busy day when he was selling  at the marketplace,
a beautiful young lady came to buy one of “Bertram’s Brooms”.
Bertram, however, was so captivated by her beauty that
he did not notice she paid for the broom with some seeds
and quickly disappeared in the marketplace crowd.
He put the seeds in his pocket, continued with his business of the day,
but he kept an eye on the crowd, hoping the beautiful lady
would return and perhaps buy another broom.
She did not return.
That evening before entering his house,
Bertram emptied all the dust, dirt, and seeds from
his pockets in the flower bed nearby.
Several days later he noticed the seeds had started to grow.
They grew and grew and grew, and soon feathery sprays of seed heads began to appear on strong, straw-like stems.
AHA!! “Bertram’s Brooms” were about to reach a new level of sophistication.
The soft feathery broom/duster Bertram created, became
an instant hit with the residents of Ganse Stadt at the marketplace.
The new updated, super, duper brooms also came equipped with bells and bling.
The people of Ganse-Stadt found the new super duper brooms
​especially useful for sweeping away the winter.
Bertram hoped the brooms would attract the attention of a certain beautiful lady.

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