Belsnickle & Grizelda

Belsnickle and Grizelda’s ancestors arrived in Ganse Stadt from Germany on the riverboat.
Grizelda is a lifelong resident of Ganse Stadt, while Belsnickle moved away for a few years only to realize that Ganse Stadt was truly home.
After moving back to Ganse Stadt, the two met and discovered they shared a mutual love of nature and wildlife.
Soon they were married and made their home along the river.
Everything they need can be found in or around the river.
They make clothes from animal hides or cloth items they find along the river.
With the help of Sophia the village seamstress, they always end up with something useful.
Hansel the village clock maker makes sure that any unneeded nuts and bolts he has are given to Belsnickle to use for fishing gear.
Because Belsnickle and Grizelda are able to live off the land, they often have free time to enjoy frolicking with the deer, swimming with the river otters, building huts with the beaver, washing food (and themselves) with the raccoons and collecting nuts with the squirrels.
They have learned how to survive from the critters and in return, they take care of the critters and their environment.
They walk throughout the river valley and do all they can to keep it clean.
Bertram the village broom maker was very helpful when he built them a special broom which they use to sweep away litter before it makes it to the river.
They are also very diligent as they plant trees in and around Ganse Stadt.
Belsnickle and Grizelda realize they are getting up there in years and won’t be able to take care of the river valley and critters forever.
They took upon themselves to teach all the residents of Ganse Stadt how to better care for the environment.
Hap the Burgermeister was convinced that more learning about the environment and caring for nature needed to take place so he donated an old village building down by the river as a place of learning. Other Ganse Stadt residents stepped up and contributed as well.
Pinella the flower lady donated some of her flower seeds for a wildflower garden that the bees and butterflies could enjoy.
Rosa the baker doesn’t know it, but her hard rolls were used to make the rock border around the garden.
Anton the woodcarver donates his time and knowledge with other residents and visitors.
If you don’t see Belsnickle and Grizelda out caring and cleaning the river valley, then look for them down by the river at the old village building.
Here they are always ready to share their “treasures” and knowledge of the river valley, past and present.

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