The Baron and Baroness


As keeper of the family jewels
has gotten himself in a bind
He lost a special link
of some kind
Searching for it day
and night
He hopes to prove his
royal rite


Day or night
Her beauty is a sight
Head held high
She is not shy
Proudly she struts her
royal rite
Looking for a shining

In the world of royal rankings,
Barons and Baronesses are usually on one of the bottom rungs of the ladder. 
Not so in Ganse-Stadt,
somebody turned the ladder upside down.
This put the Baron and Baroness “von Ganse-Stadt” almost
at the top of royal rankings, which is exactly where they thought they should be,
since nobody else in Ganse-Stadt has claimed higher royal lineage.
The documentation which could have proved
their link to royal blood lines has long been missing, if it ever existed at all.
Not all Ganse-Stadt residents believe them,
many have doubts about their claims, but most agree,
they certainly appear to be out of the ordinary.
The Baron claims his purple shoes are a handed down family heirloom.
The residents say the shoes look like some hand me downs from the family thrift store. 
He wears a huge ring on his finger and has only one cuff link on his shirt cuff.
 He often is looking down, claiming he is looking for the other cuff link he lost. 
The residents say he is looking for money someone may have lost.
The Baroness, on the other hand, wears
a gaudy necklace and a peacock feather in her hat.
It is not unusual to see colored goose feathers in
her hat instead of the peacock feather,
as her brother, the Baron, likes to use them for fishing lures.
She has to replace them often and colored goose feathers are easier to
find in Ganse-Stadt.

The Baron saves his royal purple clothes to wear only
when other royalty come to visit, if they come at all. 
The Baroness does however, wear her royal attire for events in Ganse-Stadt,
just in case somebody with royal blood happens to
show up at the event unannounced.
Nonetheless, she struts about like a peacock,
or a goose with colored feathers, feigning aloofness among the townsfolk. 
When they meet her, residents bow slightly and just smile, being careful to follow royal protocol,
​Ganse-Stadt style.

Special delivery peacock feathers for the Baroness

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