Ever since Elda’s friend, Paulena, sent a letter to her telling all about Ganse-Stadt and the interesting characters who lived there, the many festivals they celebrated, how they danced and enjoyed each other’s company, Elda knew she wanted to live there, too.
The day finally arrived. Paulena and her family were there to greet her and soon they were on their way to the outskirts of Ganse-Stadt where they lived.
Everything about this new country was just as Paulena had written, beautifully scenic and well-kept, so much like the home country she had just left behind.
She, like Paulena, always enjoyed the country life and this seemed to be a perfect fit.
Elda kept busy tending and pruning grapevines, and while working in the vineyards it was not unusual for her to be singing.
One day her singing was carried by Gusty the Gentle Prairie Wind to the ears of Sepp, the town’s musician.
He was curious to know where this beautiful melody was coming from so he followed the musical sounds until he came upon Elda.
After introducing himself, he invited Elda to go with him to Ganse-Stadt to meet the rest of the folks at Tanta Anna’s Gathering Place.
She was anxious to get to know the townsfolk so she agreed and the next day Sepp escorted her into town.
Though Elda was a little nervous meeting the folks of Ganse-Stadt, Sepp reassured her that all would be well and they would be pleased to hear her beautiful singing while enjoying her happy, go-lucky caring, and serving attitude.
When Elda walked through the door, she couldn’t help but smile at all the fun that was going on around her.
Sepp introduced her to Pickleman, Pinella, and Bertram and they invited her to join them dancing.
When she finished dancing, Sepp introduced her to the Baron and Baroness repeating the story of how he heard and was drawn to her beautiful singing voice.
Knowing Sepp’s ear for music, they questioned if they should invite her to join them in singing the Schnitzel Bank song; but why not?
They were more than impressed, along with all the other townsfolk.
Tanta Anna was excited to meet Elda and ask if she would be willing to bring in an assortment of wine to the Gathering Place for the Ganse-Stadt folks.
Elda was very happy that Sepp had asked her to come to town.
Though she missed the old country, she knew this was going to be a wonderful place to live as she learned to love all the folks of Ganse-Stadt.

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