*Former resident of Ganse Stadt

The wurst sausage in Ganse-Stadt is made by the Wurstman named Fritz.
He completed his education at the University of Wursttubasteakus where he studied the sausage business and graduated with a “Doctorate of Sauseology” degree.
When he opened his new sausage shop in Ganse-Stadt, Fritz focused on the many recipes that he had researched for his degree.
Often he handed out samples, and seldom anybody asked for another.
Fritz made Weiss wurst, knockwurst, liverwurst, blutwurst, beerwurst a farmerstyle wurst, and often experimented with meat from other animals.
He has yet to make a “ganse wurst,” but hoping to do so eventually, he confidently named his sausage shop the “Galloping Ganse Sausage Shop.”
His meat cleaver always hangs at his side, just in case one of the many Ganse-Stadt geese or other animals should come too close.
Fritz proudly introduced the “little dog” sausage to the townsfolk.
He named it after a miniature dachshund, which reminded him of his sausage.
The “little dog” sausage became very popular at many of the town’s events and festivals.
Because the dog was too hot to hold, Fritz would joke that burning your fingers was the wurst of it!
The problem was solved when the Ganse-Stadt baker made a little bun, especially for Fritz’s little hot dog.
Fritz was a regular at all the festivals in Ganse-Stadt and neighboring communities, and could be easily recognized by his apron and belt of sausages.
He loves to dance and does not stop until he has circled the floor with every lovely lady at the festival.
He sneaks up on the ladies to greet them with a hug and a laugh before leading them in a polka or two.
Between his business (making sausages) and his pleasure (dancing with the ladies), Fritz could always be seen somewhere in Ganse-Stadt.
Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Fritz closed his shop and left Ganse-Stadt.
Perhaps someday Fritz or another sausage maker will open it again.

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