Fraulein Schatzie, real name Nellie, has lived in Ganse-Stadt all her life.
Her father called her “Schatzie” when she was a child.
The name has stayed with her, but Nellie doesn’t mind, she likes to be called “Schatzie” because to her, it is glamorous sounding.
Schatzie had big dreams when she was younger.
It was her deepest desire to get out of Ganse-Stadt, travel, see places, and better herself.
About that time of her life, she fell in love with a traveling salesman, but, he traveled on without her.
Not to be beaten down, Schatzie searched for someone else who could fulfill her dreams and take her out into the world, away from Ganse-Stadt.
While waiting for that to happen, she kept busy keeping the city books for the Mayor, exactly like he told her to.
Schatzie was sort of attracted to him, a little, but didn’t want to give up her dream of seeing the world.
She knew Wilhelm planned to be the Burgermeister of Ganse-Stadt as long as possible, so her future with him was not very bright.
It got even darker when one day Wilhelm surprised everyone by accepting a better offer elsewhere.
But before he left, he gave Schatzi explicit instructions to take care of the books, just in case he returned one day.
He too left without her.
Keeping up hope he would return someday, Schatzie continued to keep the books and wear her version of high fashion, the purple dress with pink ruffles, accessorized with layers of necklaces and many rings.
As time passed, however, her hopes faded into wishful thinking.
She doesn’t kick up her heels much anymore and is only seen occasionally at events in Ganse-Stadt.
She still wears her high fashion purple dress with the pink ruffles and all her necklaces and rings.
Perhaps she will meet Wilhelm again someplace.
Deep down she knows, he probably won’t be the same Wilhelm,
​but still, she hopes.

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