Some people seem to have an “air” about them.
In Ganse-Stadt, that person is Gusty.
The “air” about Gusty comes from his unique ability to inhale huge amounts of air and then release it in many ways ranging from a gentle breeze to almost hurricane force wind.
His skill for being long winded has its ups and downs.
When he gets ambitious and blows up a storm, the people of Ganse-Stadt run for shelter.
They know
everything blown up by Gusty’s wind will also come down, like garbage cans, papers, hats, branches and anything not secured before Gusty’s wind started.
On the other hand, Gusty gets very busy in summer, especially during the Midsummer fest.
People of Ganse-Stadt love to be near him and feel his cool gentile breeze, even though they have to listen to his loooooooooooooooong winded discussions.
In winter they find his discussions provide a lot of hot air.
House cleaning is a breeze for Gusty, release of one deep breath, dusting, sweeping, and airing out is done all at once.
The neighbors are not too happy about his methods, as everything seems to land in their homes.
However, the hotel housekeeper across the street doesn’t mind, it keeps her busy checking all the hotel rooms for new dirt.

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