Gunter & Otto

When Gunter and Otto first came to town,
they lived in a cave in the hillside close to Ganse-Stadt.

While there, they rarely went any place, or seldom had any visitors.
Gunter and Otto didn’t have a job,
but always seemed to have enough food to eat and nice clothes to wear.

Often late at night when everyone was asleep,
Gunter and Otto would go for a walk through the village.

In the morning some of the people noticed some things were missing.
A shirt hung out to dry the night before was gone.

Someone’s suit coat disappeared during the night.
Another one’s pants was missing and so was a tie.
A pair of shiny shoes and a pair of new socks was also missing.
Even a hat with a red feather was gone too.
Upon returning to the cave, after their walk,
Gunter and Otto would lay out their clothes for the next day.

Then one night when everyone was asleep, including Gunter and Otto, something in the dark shadows of the village began to move.
It crept across the lawns it until it came to the cave where Gunter and Otto slept.
Slowly it stepped into the cave where they were fast asleep.
Before long it came out again and quickly it moved through the streets
of Ganse-Stadt
into the woods along the river in the dark of night.

The next morning when Gunter and Otto arose and got dressed,
they had a real surprise.

Their shirts were all amuck!
One sleeve was too long, the other too short,
the buttons and buttonholes didn’t match.
Their suit coats looked like they had been chewed by a goat
and their pants were ragged and torn.
Their new socks were each a different color and so were the
shoes on their feet.

The ties Gunter and Otto wore, were wrinkled and had spots
on them and cut short. 

The hats with red feathers were so big, they covered both ears,
but not the top of their heads.

When the brothers realized they couldn’t wear the clothes like that,
they gathered everything up and went into Ganse-Stadt to see if a seamstress could help them.

She promptly repaired everything and sent them on their way.
As they walked past some of the houses in Ganse-Stadt, Gunter and Otto sort of dropped certain items they were carrying.
​ By the time they reached their cave, everything was gone, except a red feather for their hats. 

Eventually they moved into Ganse-Stadt where they could feel safer under the watchful eye of the Polizistin.

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