It was a bright sunny afternoon when the daily train departed from Ganse-Stadt, leaving behind a pleasant looking lady standing alone on the platform.
She had no baggage, no purse, nothing but the clothes on her back and a puzzled look on her face.

It had been a long ride on the train, she was hungry, and the thought of something to eat brought a gentle smile to her face so she started walking towards the main street of Ganse-Stadt.
Along the way she met several town folk of Ganse-Stadt.
She smiled pleasantly hoping somebody would recognize her.
Nobody did.
Word soon spread around town about the lady nobody seemed to know.

She had a difficult time remembering anything.
She forgot where she came from, and couldn’t remember where she was going.
To make matters worse, she forgot her luggage with all her earthly goods on the train, and has no idea where it is. 

To the rescue…. the wonderful people of Ganse-Stadt. 
They took her in and cared for her like they would if she were their own Aunt.
She has become everybody’s favorite aunt, and perhaps someday she might remember them in her will.

Besides she did kind of look like somebody’s forgetful Irish Aunt named Fernelda, so that is what everybody calls her,
​Fernelda, the Forgetful Aunt

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