In the beginning, before Ganse-Stadt became the center for
“The relatives everyone has,
but nobody wants to claim,”

it was a sleepy settlement where nothing much happened.
Hattie and Gretchin, who are from the prairie near Ganse-Stadt make trips into town for supplies and catch up on the latest news at the Gathering Place.
Sometimes they attend one of the many festivals held throughout the year.
At the winter festival, they help chase away the cold, dark winter and
welcome the warm spring back.
In the hot summer, Hattie, Gretchin, and their goose Freida,
come for the Midsummer fest where the Burgermeister is happy to see them.
They always have a special egg for him. He believes the eggs bring him the “good luck fix” every Burgermeister needs to maintain his position in the community.
When the festival is over, visiting and business done, Hattie and Gretchin tired and happy, go back to their home on the prairie.
During the long walk home, they often talk about the events of the day.
They are puzzled by the flowers that bloom all year round; Frieda joins the conversation.
She wants colored feathers like the geese she saw.
They noted the Gathering Place was under new management and doing quite well,
but the sausage shop was closed.
The hotel was spotless, many places in town looked neat and orderly with fences and walks made of hard roll rocks,
and the town folk seemed to be on time for whatever.
Hattie and Gretchin were so impressed with life in Ganse-Stadt
they thought maybe they should move into town. After much discussion and a short search, they found a suitable house in a nice neighborhood.
They were barely settled in when Gretchin changed her mind and moved back to the prairie. Hattie, on the other hand, liked living in town, so she stayed in Ganse-Stadt.
City life agreed with Hattie, she bought new clothes, made new friends,
and didn’t have to go far to the festivals.
Occasionally she and Gretchin get together, but it’s not the same.
Frieda stayed with Hattie.
The new Burgermeister doesn’t know about the special eggs so she seldom goes to the Midsummer festival.​ However, she does hope to find the secret to colored feathers.


Gretchin, former resident of Ganse Stadt

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