Heilige Kuh

​​On the hillside near Ganse-Stadt, sheep, horses, cows, and other animals can be seen grazing contently in the warm sunshine.
The tinkle of bells can be heard, interrupted occasionally by mooing, baaing, neighing, and other animal sounds, like the animals were discussing important news of the day.
The loudest mooing and bell ringing on the hillside seemed to come from a kuh named Heilige.
Heilige could be seen swaying back and forth, her legs moving forward, backward, over and over again all the while, bells ringing and mooing noisily.
It was obvious, Heilige was moving to distant music coming from a tent in Ganse-Stadt.
Each time the music stopped, Heilige moved closer to where the music came from.
When she was close enough to really see inside the tent, Heilige saw many happy people, making a lot of noise, dancing, and singing.
Just as Heilige was about to leave, someone from behind gave her a gentle nudge forward, and at that same moment music started.
Heilige had heard it before, it was one of her favorites.
Three steps forward,
one step back,
sway, sway, sway, sway,
three steps forward,
one step back,
sway, sway, sway, sway.
As Heilege continued on, the crowd got louder and louder.
She stopped a moment, turned to see what the cheering was about.
Behind her was a long line of people doing the same dance steps as she was doing.
Heilige had no choice, but to keep moving forward leading the long line of people through the tent, while doing dance steps to the music.
Each time the music stopped, Heilige looked around, people cheered, laughed, clapped, and yelled for more.
This went on for several hours.
Then the music ended, people left, the festival was over, Heilige left too.
Back on the hillside by the other animals, Heilige was all excited as she started to tell them about the fun she had in the big tent in Ganse-Stadt.
They just kept on grazing, none seemed interested.
Heilige felt like going back to Ganse-Stadt, where she could have fun.
However, her friend, Bucky, was interested, he wanted to know all about the festival.
For days, the two talked whenever they could.
Then one day, when Bucky wanted to talk, he could not find Heilige.
He looked and looked for her, she was gone.
Off in the distance, Bucky heard music, he knew where Heilige was, and she probably would not be back.
​Already he missed her.

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