“Sweet” Karoline

Everyone gather around, Karoline, the Candy Lady has come to town.
What kind of candy is your favorite: sweet chocolate, taffy, marzipan, candy kisses, bonbons, or gumdrops?
Karoline mixes all of these with love, covers them with zuckerzeug (sugar stuff), and adds a special ingredient or two.
Karoline’s Sweet Shoppe has come to Ganse Stadt and is located next to Rosa’s Backerei.
Riding the river boat, Otter, down the river from the big city, Karoline enjoyed the adventures while on the way to Ganse Stadt.
She originally came in answer to an advertisement for a “candyman” job in the area, but later found out it actually read “handyman” job.
Karoline has every flavor of taffy in her shop, even sauerkraut taffy!
With all the sauerkraut this little German town eats, she decided to try her taffy recipe to sweeten up this delicacy.
Of course, Karoline’s Sweet Shoppe is busy during all the holidays.
However, one of her favorite events is when all the kindergarten children come to visit her shoppe with their teachers.
Receiving a schulletute for the children’s first day at school was a German tradition she experienced as a child.
To help calm the children’s fears of going to kindergarten and wanting to help make this an exciting, fun day, Karoline gave each child their very own schulletute.
The children then paraded past all the downtown stores in Ganse Stadt with their schulletute.
These handmade decorated paper cones were filled with candies and some school supplies.
Karoline loved watching the children’s excitement and also made sure each child received one of the lucky chocolate Lady Bug candies from her shoppe.
As you may have guessed, the residents of Ganse Stadt visit Karoline’s Sweet Shoppe for all kinds of goodies throughout the year – Advent calendars, Christmas ribbon candies, St. Nicholaus treats, Valentine’s candy, marzipan Easter Bunnies and spring flowers, taffy, and foil wrapped chocolate Lady Bug candies, which are said to bring good luck.
Thanks to Karoline, life is even sweeter in Ganse Stadt!

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