Ein, Zwei, Drei

One thing is for certain, the train always comes to Ganse-Stadt,
how often and when, is not always so certain.
When it does, it’s a sure bet, it will be a sudden stop that leaves baggage all over the place.
This is how the three Katzen made their debut in Ganse-Stadt,
falling off a train that stopped very suddenly.
But before they could get back on, the train was gone.

The Katzen had come to Ganse-Stadt.
It did not take them long to find their way around the village and they did it without a sound.

In the dark of night, the Katzen would tumble in the straw by the broom maker shop,
or creep along the hard roll fence behind the bakeri and do other fun things

They made friends with a calico Katze named “Pickles,”
​who knew where to find the best food in town. 

The people of Ganse-Stadt knew the Katzen were around,
but did not mind because they rarely made a sound.

Then one night after the Katzen had rested all day,
they were ready to come out and play.
But something was not right, it was not the dark of night.
What they saw left them in awe,
they shook with fear, a blazing fire was very near.
As fast as they could, the Katzen ran, they tumbled down the small hill,
and jumped over the hard roll fence by the bakeri.
One jumped so high it hit a nearby garbage can, and
set it rolling down the street with a loud clank and clamor.
Another Katze landed in the gaggle of geese.
Still another Katze hit the wall of the clock shop with a thud,
knocking all the clocks off the shelves in the store.
They made so much noise, that one by one lights
from the houses in Ganse-Stadt came on.
One by one the people looked out from their windows,
what they saw left them in awe. 

The Katzen, with their paws “auf” were shaking in fear,
pointing to the fire that was very near.

 Everyone in Ganse-Stadt grabbed whatever they could,
pots, pans, pails, and cans, and filled them with water, to put out the fire. 

It was in the early morning light, when there came a loud shout,
“Hurray for the katzen, the fire is finally out!”  

The village had been saved from harm because the Katzen sounded an alarm.
 The people of Ganse-Stadt agreed, the Katzen with their
“paws auf”
made a good alarm, but what the Katzen really needed were bells instead of yells. 

Now when they hear a gentle bell sound,
the people know the Katzen are around, and
they only have to fear, danger may be near,
​when paws are “auf.”

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