Krauselein was a curious child who liked to try new foods.
Whenever anyone in Ganse-Stadt tried a new recipe, they would call on Krauselein to taste it first.
She was able to tell them if it needed an extra dash of spice or was ok to serve.

Parents loved her because if  Krauselein liked something,
all the other children in Ganse-Stadt would like it too, including vegetables and fruits.

As time went on, Krauselein, (Krausie to her friends), started creating her own new recipes.  

 Most of the time they were dishes to remember,
occasionally it would be a dish to remember as in:
Remember, don’t make it again.

Krausie is well known in many of the establishments in Ganse-Stadt.
At the sausage shop, she often watches and sometimes helps with the sausage making.
At the bakeri, Krausie knows exactly how long the hard rolls should bake,
unfortunately, nobody believes her. 

But at the local pub, her advice is never in doubt.
She knows exactly how to pair beverages well with the food. 

Krausie advises, “At least two beverages with each dish.”
Krauselein is truly a “happy chef”’ who loves to sing while she works,
and maybe do a few fancy dance steps as she is
preparing the ultimate dish to serve at an event in Ganse-Stadt.

She once confided in a friend that her deepest desire is to
give new meaning to a “hot dish.”

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