The French Fur Trader

Ganse-Stadt residents consider themselves to be worldly and a multicultural community.
One of the residents is a trapper, a fur trader, by the name of
Louis pronounced “Loo-ee” who speaks five languages.
​Unfortunately, none of the languages he speaks is the common language of Ganse-Stadt.  

But Louis mastered the art of nonverbal communication so
he has no problem relating the tales of his adventures and trapping expeditions
at the Gathering Place without saying a word.

Patrons at the Gathering Place like this because they don’t have to listen,
they just look up occasionally to see what he is saying. Some have seen Louis’ nonverbal communication so often,
they know when to look up for the good parts and
when to keep doing whatever they were doing.

For years, Louis has been dedicating his life to the fur business.
He spends many months in the wild replenishing his wares, returning to Ganse-Stadt
for rest and supplies.

A fanfare for Louis’ return is not necessary, however,
a fan for air is mandatory.
After months in the wild, Louis seems to have an air about him that,
sends anyone within forty paces choking and gasping for air.

Some patrons at the Gathering Place considered tossing him
in the river with several bars of soap.

That plan fell through when a gaggle of geese
formed a protest line along the bank of the river.
Plan number two was to shower him with liquid
from the barrels stacked behind the Gathering Place.
That plan also fell through because the barrels were empty.

Finally, the owner of the Gathering Place came up with a no-fail plan.
Choking and gasping, she marched him down the street to
the hotel where she paid for a room and
told the housekeeper to lock him in the room until he “cleaned up his act.”

Several days later he showed up at the Gathering Place,
his act cleaned up.
​He was ready to visit with the patrons and prepare for his next adventure into the wild.

No fans for air needed until his next return from the wild.

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