Everyone scream for ice cream!
Never fear,
Oskar the ice cream man is here!
With a wink of his eye and a curled up lip,
He’s sure to satisfy.
It’s no easy feat, but you’re sure to flip
With his delicious ice cream treat!

Great Grandpa Johann and Great Grandma Sophie had settled the farm where Oskar grew up. The farm was located south of Schwan Lake a short distance from Ganse-Stadt. Oskar helped drive the cows from the pasture to the dairy barn for milking times. He would often whistle, hum, or sing as he drove them to the barn. This made the cows happy and they swayed and swung their tails to his musical tunes.

One winter night, Grandpa skimmed the cream from the top of the milk cans that were going to the local creamery the next morning. Grandpa told Oskar that taking the top 6 inches of the milk gives you the richest cream to make ice cream; “if you put the good schtuff in, you will get good schtuff out.” The next day, Grandpa taught Oskar how to make ice cream. First, he had to collect a bucket of ice from the icehouse and some rock salt. Then he watched as Grandpa placed the cream into a pewter pot nestled into the ice bucket. Under Grandpa’s watchful eye, Oskar added sugar, vanilla flavoring, a small amount of whole milk, and a little honey into the cream. Oskar and Grandpa took turns stirring and turning, stirring and turning, then scraped the mixture from the sides of the pewter pot with a long-handled spoon called a “spaddle”. All the demanding work finally made the cold cream harden and become stiff. “VOILA!” Oskar had made his first batch of ice cream! He loved the delicious treat!

Oskar enjoyed visiting his Tanta Anna, who ran the Gathering Place in Ganse-Stadt, and told her all about the ice cream he and Grandpa made. She could tell from the excitement in his voice how much Oskar loved to make ice cream. When he turned twelve, she decided to give him a special present. Tanta Anna had a red ice cream stand built so Oskar could now sell his ice cream. With the approval from the Burgermeister, Oskar’s new stand was placed near Poppy Ping’s Popcorn Wagon. Oskar was ecstatic about his new opportunity. He wanted to be the best ice cream maker in all the land. Everyone in Ganse-Stadt began buying his new treat.

Soon the residents started to bring fresh berries, fruits, and nuts for Oskar to make new flavors of ice cream. The new flavors were a success. Unfortunately, one day Juergen the Pickleman gave Oskar a bucket of pickles. With a kind heart Oskar attempted to make Pickle Ice Cream. YUCK! Even Oskar did not approve of this flavor. Oskar placed the container of Pickle Ice Cream outside his stand. The Drei Katzen stopped by, sniffed and did not even try tasting the ice cream, BUT along came Bucky Bock and decided a little taste wouldn’t hurt anyone. He ate it all up!

One day, Rosa from the bakery came by and gave Oskar a couple pans of chocolate cakes that turned out flat. Oskar accepted the flat cakes thinking to himself that he could “fix” them and added a layer of ice cream between two cakes. Oskar invented the first ice cream sandwiches to sell in Ganse-Stadt.

If you ever stop at Tanta Anna’s Gathering Place and order a root beer, be sure to ask her to add a scoop of Oskar’s ice cream for a refreshing Root Beer Float.

Oskar’s Ice Cream Stand was the best in all the land. With a wink of his eye and a curled up lip, he will tell you his secret, just like Grandpa said, “If you put good schtuff in, you get good schtuff out.”

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