Ganse Stadt Law Enforcement

Law and order in Ganse-Stadt is always in order when the Polezistin is on duty. She keeps the residents safe and makes sure all obey the law according to Ganse-Stadt Burgermeister rules.
Some were hesitant to hire her because they never had a lady police officer before, others thought she would be ok, especially since she had a slight vision problem, like being legally blind.
The Burgermeister thought she was exactly what he was looking for to keep the peace in Ganse-Stadt. She was hired.
Nobody gets away with breaking the law. She has a keen sense of what is going on, and doesn’t hesitate to intervene if necessary.
Once an outsider who came to a festival in Ganse-Stadt started to annoy the other patrons, by being loud and obnoxious, the Polezistin boldly ejected him from the festival amid the cheering of the patrons. Later, he came back, quiet and almost unnoticed.
Her daily routine might be handling complaints about apple throwing in the orchard, or somebody missing something from their garden or wash line, or perhaps somebody using a sound-enhancing glass to overhear a conversation, usually at the hotel.
One unusual complaint came in about a goat wandering around Ganse-Stadt. The issue was resolved before she reached the scene. 

Keeping law and order in Ganse-Stadt comes easy for her.
She seems to get a lot of help from certain residents, like the mayor, who can fix anything.

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