Poppy Ping

On the edge of Ganse-Stadt is a small popcorn farm where
Poppy Ping spends many happy days with her family,
a puppy named Pepper and a calico cat named Pickles.

In the evening her mother would popcorn on the stove in the kitchen, and
while it was popping,
Poppy stood there watching and waiting for the corn to be
done, meanwhile thinking  just where that corn would fly if
the lid were not held on tightly to the pan.
In her mind’s eye, she could see the popcorn as it “pinged” and
hit the ceiling, or bounced off the walls.
She imagined herself, moving in rhythm with the pings and pops to
avoid getting hit by them. 

Or she would imagine them popping to the floor and
would see herself doing some fancy dance steps to avoid
crushing them beneath her feet.

When all the popping was done,
a big bowl of popcorn was set on the table for
Poppy and her siblings to enjoy.
Under the table, Pepper and Pickles would be ready to catch
any kernels that might fall to the floor, usually near Poppy’s chair.

When Poppy was old enough to visit Ganse-Stadt by herself,
she would take bags of popcorn to the marketplace to sell,
but people would ask for samples of popped corn to taste. 

So Poppy would pop some corn for folks to actually sample,
hoping they would buy more.  

Then she thought, if she sold the popcorn already popped,
people would not have to wait until they got home to enjoy it.
They could have it right there and share it with friends.

Her father thought this was a splendid idea and
quickly set about to build her a “popcorn wagon.”
He painted the wagon a bright red with gold and white trim so
everyone could spot her wherever she parked it in town.
Inside the wagon he placed a special stove and kettle (with a tight cover!) so
that Poppy could make lots of warm, fresh, popped corn whenever
​the folks of Ganse-Stadt wanted some.

It did not take long for “Poppy’s Popcorn Wagon” to become a popular place at the market in Ganse-Stadt.

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