Rosa is the baker in Ganse-Stadt.
Early each morning she fires up the big stone oven in her bakeri and
gets it ready to bake the daily supply of breads, rolls,
cookies and pastries for the people of Ganse Stadt.
Usually most of her baked goods are sold out by noon, and
everybody in Ganse Stadt is happy.
However, there are always some leftovers at the end of the
day which also make a few people in Ganse Stadt happy.
Without exception, the leftovers are Rosa’s hard rolls.
They are so hard nobody can eat them,
not even soaking them in the local favorite beverage will soften the hard rolls.
So Rosa, not wanting to tarnish her reputation for delicious baked goods,
secretly disposes of her less desirable goods (also known as hard rolls)
by tossing them out the back door of her
bakeri late at night, when nobody sees her.
Since they are always gone in the morning, she assumes
the critters of the night take them,
Little does she know that the critters of the night are really
some of the folks of Ganse-Stadt who
collect the hard rolls to build fences and walkways in their gardens.
Summer, winter, spring or fall,
Rosa’s Baker
pleases them all!!!

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