Villages all over the world, are made up of interesting, sometimes strange characters.
Ganse-Stadt’s claim to fame in the strange character category would have to be Schlaukopf.
For as long as anyone in Ganse-Stadt can remember, Schlaukopf,
also known as Old Schlau,
has lived someplace near or in the forgotten apple orchard by the edge of town.
It’s been a long-held belief that he is a recluse because he thinks
people are afraid of him and they thought the problem might
be solved if Schlaukopf wore some sort of warning bells.
He grudgingly obliged but only to keep everybody away from
his tree and out of the orchard.
Bells, Bah! Sour apples!
The few who have tried to venture into the orchard say he
lives in a knarled old tree in the center of the orchard which
is surrounded by many other trees.
It is believed the knarled old tree is a Schlaukopf apple experiment gone wrong.
It produces nothing but sour apples which may be
why he has a sour apple look on his face,
he tastes them year after year hoping they would get better.
The apples are so bad, he throws them at anyone who
comes into the orchard near the tree lest they discover his horrible mistake.
Actually, he’s afraid someone might damage the branches of
his good trees and spoil some of his experiments,
especially the ones that produce sweet juicy apples.
The only one who is ever able to get some of these apples is
the lady who lives right next to the orchard.
He not only allows her into the orchard, but helps her select
the best apples for her recipes.
He tries to stay hidden, thinking she might
be frightened by his looks, bells or no bells.
The people of Ganse-Stadt are under the impression,
she is the one who takes care of the orchard.
Bless their hearts!
Schlaukopf with his super-sensitive nose,
loves the aroma that comes from her kitchen whenever
she bakes something from the apples.
Needless to say, before she takes her wares to town,
she always leaves samples for him.
Schlaukopf never refuses them.
If he likes her samples, he ventures into town to find some more.
When the residents hear his bells,
​they know the apple wares are good today.

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