Sepp comes from a family of talented musicians.
However, when musical skills were given out,
Sepp seems to have been missing.
He likes music, he likes the music his friends can make, and even better,
he likes the way girls like his friends who make the music.
Sepp really wants to play a musical instrument, so girls will like him too.
For Sepp, any instrument would do,
especially if it does not require much practice,
as practice is not his favorite pastime.
But he does spend a lot of time trying to adjust or fix
whatever instrument he is trying to master and
then polishes it for a bright shine before he tests his “adjustments.”
As a result, no matter what instrument Sepp tries to play,
it sounds awful, out of tune, and off-beat.
But his instruments are very shiny and
easy to see just in case some girls might want to find him.
He thinks his music sounds just fine.
After all, he plays the notes exactly as they are on the sheet music,
even if it might be upside down or sometimes backward.
Sepp always comes to events in Ganse-Stadt prepared.
He brings every instrument he has ever tried to play,
and the ones he hopes to play someday.
Occasionally, he forgets which is which.
The folks from Ganse-Stadt also come to events prepared,
they bring earplugs.
Sepp’s unmusical skills are so well-known throughout
Ganse-Stadt, that the Narren have taken it upon themselves
to help him whenever they can.
If he does well, Sepp is complemented,
if he makes a mistake, they also let him know.
For example: Once after playing at an event,
Sepp was told he missed a few bars,
so now Sepp makes the rounds to all the pubs,
​just to be sure he doesn’t miss any again.

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