*Former Burgermeister and resident of Ganse Stadt

In Ganse-Stadt, political debates were seldom, if ever heard when
​ Wilhelm was the Burgermeister.
As the only political figure in town,
he was clearly visible at every meeting and function in Ganse-Stadt.
He never missed a parade or festival, making
sure everyone saw him performing his public duties.
There was no political issue he couldn’t “fix” …including elections.
Daily he made the rounds to the businesses in
Ganse-Stadt to get an update on the latest happenings in the village.
He usually started at the backeri, then moved on to the sausage shop,
finishing the afternoon enjoying a few beverages at the
Gathering Place where he had a special table by the window reserved.
There he could conduct any business necessary to keep the village running smoothly.
Wilhelm also liked the scenery from the window,
especially the city bookkeeper who had an office just
across the street from the Gathering Place.
She was a quiet, shy lady during the day,
but really knew how to kick up her heels after work.
More importantly, Wilhelm liked the way she kept the books,
always balanced, never short a cent.
One day he received a better offer elsewhere.
Not wanting to pass up the opportunity,
Wilhelm decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things,
leaving behind the prestigious position of Burgermeister.
He also left behind the bookkeeper to take care of the books,
just in case he returned someday.
So far, he hasn’t.
She hopes he will,
but as time goes on, she knows that
​if he does return, he probably won’t be the same as when he left.

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